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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10, 20 August 2022. Update: Roohi gets injured

In the latest show, Preesha runs after Roohi and Roohi, but Roohi is thrown off and falls onto the rock. Preesha carries her. Armaan promises to take action to punish Roohi for her frequent visits to their home. Preesha asks the boy to remain quiet, as she is forced to examine Roohi’s situation.

Rudra observes the condition of Roohi and runs towards her. Armaan questions him on what is going on and tells him to return to work. Rudra calls Saaransh for information of the condition of Roohi. Raj takes Pihu home and Pihu observes Rudra talking. He is wondering why he could purchase a phone that is so expensive.

Pihu faces Rudra and inquires about what the reason why his phone costs so high. He hand her his basic phone and declares that it’s the only one that he uses. He also advises her to have her eyes examined. She claims she was unable to pay to her surroundings and then leaves. He recalls Raj texting him , informing his that Pihu is an imminent menace to him. He changed his phone. Rudra arrives to the room as Armaan asks him about what was he performing in the space. Rudra says he’s concerned about Roohi so he purchased the herbal blend. He can ask Preesha whether he’s in a position to remain and administer the medication. He agrees. He continues to give the medicine but he is convinced it’s pudding chutney.

Roohi turns around and she asks Preesha whom she’s. She responds that the name of her is Preesha. Roohi states that she isn’t able to recall her name, then she is looking at Rudra and claims he’s her father. Armaan questions Preesha what’s the motive that Roohi calls Prem (Rudra) Rudra, her father. Rudra states that it’s not clear. Saaransh arrives and asks whether Roohi is okay. Roohi doubts his identity since she isn’t sure who he is. She tells Prem that he’s her father.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9 August 2022 Update on the Writer Roohi meets Rudra
On the show today, Pihu and Raj prepare for the competition. Pihu looks sad. He tells her that they should add something else to the song to improve their performance. Vidyut arrives to explain how to proceed. Rudra goes back to his bedroom and informs his doctor that he’s experiencing back discomfort. Roohi arrives and informs Rudra that the plan is going to be successful. Vidyut encourages them to dance to the beat. Pihu advises Raj that he’ll teach him a few steps. Vidyut advises Raj that she’d like to read Rudra’s blog.

Roohi prepares home-cooked food for Rudra and recommends Rudra to eat it prior to when anyone else arrives. Armaan goes home with Digvijay and is looking at Rudra’s car. Guards inform Armaan that Roohi is in the vehicle. Digvijay declares that Rudra continues to send his daughter to him and the issue needs to be addressed. Preesha is able to inform Armaan the fact that she’s not heard from Roohi girl for a long time. He instructs his staff to go look for her. He goes to the outdoor bathroom. Armaan knocks at the door. Rudra is in a state of tension. He reads the book, by impersonating his persona as Prem.
Digvijay asks whether he has seen the girl. Rudra says no. Armaan questions Rudra what he did to delay his decision to unlock the door. Rudra tells Armaan that he’s fallen asleep. Armaan wanders around the room but fails to locate her. Preesha notices Roohi departing, and calls her. Rudra is thinking about the way Roohi got away out of the window. Preesha follows Roohi. Armaan realizes this is happening and rushes to grab Roohi.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein, 8th August 20, 2022 Update on Writing Rudra is snatched in the eyes of Preesha inside her bed
In the present Episode, Rudra recalls how Preesha assisted him in learning certain gardening methods. Kanchan advises him to for a rest and to give him a different job in the next day. He returns to his bedroom and talks with Roohi as well as Saaransh. He is complaining of pain throughout his body. He claims he used once to have a career as a singer however, he’s now a gardener and is working out his whole body. Roohi insists that she’s doing this to assist Preesh also and warns that he be careful because Armaan is also in the same home. In the following day Kanchan is knocking on the front door of Rudra’s. He wakes up , but is worried that he’s not dressed in his disguise. He alters his clothes and walks through the door.

Kanchan is able to show the rat, and the rat gets scared. He leaps. She smiles. Digvijay says to Armaan that He believes Kanchan spends most of the days in the gardens. Armaan affirms that it’s great and is giddy when he sees Rudra playing Kanchan. Digvijay is furious and demands Rudra to leave. Rudra apologizes, and then explains the rat that he observed. Digvijay requests him to not repeat the same behaviour. He agrees, however, he realises that he must find out the drug Preesha is taking, which is causing her to lose memory. He goes into her bedroom.

In the end, Roohi feels bad that she isn’t able to look at Rudra and Saaransh insists that she be strong since they were the ones who brought Rudra to the hospital. She suggests that she take some food to home and offer some food items for Rudra and then requests the driver transport she to the medical facility. Rudra goes to Preesha’s room to find medicine, but when Preesha is in the room when she’s inside the toilet. She shouts at Rudra. He claims he’s got headaches at the time and they took him to the drugstore to purchase some balm. He tried calling her, but she did not answer. The woman applied balm to him.
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