Udaariyaan TV Serial (Colors TV) Cast, Telecasting Dates, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

Udaariyaan (Colors TV) TV Serial Cast, Telecasting Dates, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

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Udaariyaan Plot/Story:

The story of Udaariyaan centers in Jasmine, Tejo, and Fateh. Jasmine along with Tejo are sisters who have each their own dreams and goals However, they’re part of a larger family. The family wants to eventually relocate into Canada and Jasmine’s dream is the biggest. She’s a passionate and ambivalent girl who would like to marry a Canadian NRI person who’s visited Canada. However, Tejo wants to make her living as a migrant from Moga, Punjab. Tejo is a normal girl that wants to live in her regular city. Fateh but is actually a boxer having a secret affair with Jasmine.

Quick Info About Udaariyaan Tv Serial:

Udaariyaan is an Indian television show broadcast through Colors TV. The group that creates the show is comprised of Ravi Dubey and Shargun Mehta. Isha Mala, a Punjabi film Surkhi Bindi.

Here’s the complete list of information about Udaariyaanviya, Priyanka, and Ankit Gupta are the primary characters of the show. The plot revolves on Jasmine, Tejo, and Fateh and will premiere on the Colors TV channel on 15 March 2021. The show is a re-imagining from Surkhi Bindi (Colors television) Seasonal Release Dates and Timings of the Cast Stories Wiki, and other. This article is shared with your family and friends members. Continue to follow our website at celebwale.com to read this entertaining blog. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this post or our site. We invite you to get in touch with us with your suggestions. us.

Udaariyaan Story, Wikipedia, Serial Cast, Timings, Promo, Actor, Names, Review

Udaariyaan Colors TV serial Wiki:
Udaariyan serial follows the lives of Fateh, Jasmine, and Tejo who live in a small town in Punjab and have distinct ambitions in their lives.

Jasmine is Jasmine of the Udariyan Series has one wish i.e. getting the opportunity to go to Canada. Another reason is that Tejo is a top student who wants to succeed in life.

Male role model Fateh is featured in the movie Ankit Gupta. He is boxer. Additionally, he is intrigued by Jasmin and is determined to follow where Jasmin is going.

Female lead actresses are seen in the roles of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and Isha Malviya.

Udariyaan is a television show. Udariyaan was created with the assistance of Sargun Mehta, along with Ravi Dubey and premiered on Colors TV.

In this article we’ll provide you with information on the cast and crew members, and the plot gossips as well as spoilers, twists, and turns of Udaariyaan. Udaariyaan serial.

Udaariyaan Serial Story/Plot/Latest Updates
Udariyaan examines the lives of three characters: Fateh, Jasmine, and Tejo and their many goals and desires.

Fateh is an experienced boxer, however, his heart is fixed on Jasmine. He would like to be a part of Jasmine’s life and accompany Jasmine wherever she is.

Jasmine is a single-minded person in her daily life. The reason she is determined to relocate to Canada. Tejo will be the 3rd main protagonist in the series. He hopes to become well-known in his personal right.

A trio of characters’ lives will alter when they begin to get acquainted with one another. The story is original and is based on the remote regions of Punjab is scheduled to air by Colors TV.

In the novel Udaariyaan Jasmine decides to postpone her wedding after she discovers that Fateh isn’t heading back to Canada in order to settle.

Following this crisis Tejo is married Fateh to ensure that the family’s name will be preserved.

On the other hand, Fateh is cheating in Tejo in real life by volunteering with Jasmine who’s still trying to get to Canada together with Fateh.

In a manner, Fateh discovers the true flaws of Jasmine’s personality and her unsavory behavior toward Tejo as well as his entire family. Fateh discovers that Tejo is fascinated by Tejo.

At the moment, Jasmine is filled with anger over the incident which resulted in Fateh destroy her passport as well as her desire to travel to Canada.

Let’s see how their lives will be affected in the next Udarian serial.

Udaariyaan Drama Cast & Story Overview
Indian drama serial that airs through TV Udaariyaan was launched on the 15th of March in 2021. It’s telecast by Colors TV. The show was created in the hands of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta in Hindi and Punjabi languages. The principal protagonists are Priyanka Choudhary and Isha Malviya, as well as Karan Grover, and Ankit Gopta.

This story is composed by Romit Ojha and Mitali Bhattacharya. Ankur Bhatia is the writer and director of the story. Budget ranges of 30-60 lacs was set. The serial is on the sixth position on the TRP chart.

In this this piece, we’ll provide details of the story , Udaariyaan . We’ll also provide the actors, their times of the cast, ratings and the names of actors. Read the article thoroughly and then share this article to your family members and acquaintances.

Initially, Nia Sharma, Ishita Dutta Jennifer Winget, Ishita Ganguly as well as Tejasswi Prakash were believed to be in the role of Tejo Kaur Sandhu. The role was given to Priyanka Choudhary. Like the previous time, Falak Naz, Priya Tandon, Nehalaxami Iyer, and Monica Sharma were thought for the part as Jasmin Kaur Sandhu. However, Isha Malviya got selected.

To play the character that is Fateh Singh Virk, Karan Tacker Prashantchawla Sirkandar Kharbanda Kushal Tandon along alongside Karan Suchak were evaluated . But, Ankit Gupta was selected as the best choice. Karan Grover came into view as Angad Maan.

Udaariyaan Serial Cast
Udaariyaandrama serial. The cast includes Ankit Gupta who plays the character in the role of Fateh Singh Virk. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is the role in the role of Tejo Kaur Sandhu. Isha Malviya plays her role as Jasmin Singh Virk as well as Karan Grover plays the character playing Angad Maan in a leading part.

The regular cast includes Ram Aujla, Abhishek Kumar, Gurvinder Gauri, Chetna Singh, Rashmeet Kaur Sethi, Raman Dhagga, Kamal Dadiala, Abhiraaj Chawla, Jaivik Wadhwa, Amandeep Kaur, Ranjit Riaz, Jaswant Daman Mohinder Gujral, Amrit Chahal, and Tavish Gupta.

Abhishek Kumar portrays Amrik Singh Virk’s character. Ram Aujla performs the role as Fateh’s father. Gurvinder Gauri plays the role of the mother of Fateh.

The drama program Udaariyaanis is shown every Monday on Saturdays at 7:15 7 at 7:00 pm. The duration is from 21 to 23 minutes. The show was created by a brand new production company called Dreamiyata and repeat broadcasts are not able to be located.

Udaariyaan Story
Jasmin Kaur Sandhu as well as Tejo Kaur Sindhu are sisters living within Moga, Punjab. Each of them had their own unique personal style. Jasmin was a college student who was keen to go to Canada. Tejo was known as an academic who didn’t want to divorce her family. A boxer Fateh Singh Virk loved by Jasmin as well. She would’ve liked to be married However, Jasmin was more interested in a man who was living in Canada.

Then, Fateh struggled and got an opportunity to as a worker in Canada. They became close friends. However, Tejo married a guy known as Jass who left just a few hours after the wedding. Tejo was shocked to find out that Jass who was an exortionist. Tejo broke down. Then, Tejo married Fateh because Jasmin did not want to get married to him. After the wedding ceremony, Jasmin began efforts to find Fateh again. The divorce took place with regards to the relationship with Fateh as well as Tejo.

Fateh had been committed to Jasmin on the same day. Tejo got married with a businessman who was known as Angad Maan. Then Fateh admitted that the wedding was fake. Jasmin believed it was due to Tejo. After a series of unsavory activities, Jasmin had an arranged wedding ceremony with Amrik who was one of the brothers from Fateh. Amrik and Jasmin began to fall in love with one another.

Udaariyaan is a romantic show with just one season, with four episodes spread across thirty-four hours. Ali Hasan is the executive producer of the show. Many viewers find the show boring due to the lack of thrilling surprises.

The episode that aired April 8th , 2022 “Fateh as well as Virks regret” starts with Fateh being slapped by Tejo. The latest episode “Tejo’s confused” premiered April 9th 2022. The episode starts with Fateh is able to see Tejo along with Angad as two people. Fateh is furious and decides to leave. Then Angad is also absent due to an important event. The story goes on.

TRP of Udaariyaan is 2.4. Sargun Mehta, the film’s director of the film, expressed delight at the praise that has been poured into Udaariyaan. The film has succeeded in winning the hearts of viewers.

The word Udaariyaan refers to the ‘flight’ that dreams. The story revolves around three characters that have their own goals and hopes. It’s very well-known, particularly to those people from the subcontinent. This is the reason why it’s at the at the top of the charts of TRP.

The show is through Satellite Channel and OTT App Voot. It is an reimagining of Romance Drama, drama as soap-opera as well. We’ll be watching for the coming episodes!