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Sirf Tum Serial Cast, Real Names and Story – Colors TV and Voot

The Only You (Hindi: Sirf Tum) is an Indian Hindi romantic TV series that debuted at Colors TV on 15 November 2021. The show was created by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms The film stars Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh.
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Sirf Tum Colors Tv Drama Serial
Sirf Tum Colors Tv Drama Serial

Colors TV recently launched its brand-new romance drama Sirf Tum on 15th November 2021. The show will replace the slot previously held by Barrister Babu. The show has already gained a lot of popularity with viewers. If you’re looking to learn more about the cast as well as the true name of the show, the time and the storyline of the show check out the complete report here.

One show which is extensively discussed via social networks can be Sirf Tum. Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh’s show is among the most popular shows to air on the television screen in recent times. Despite having a great actor and an intriguing storyline (it was intended to have been Kabir Singh’s television version) however, the ratings of the show is lower than 1.5. It was a major surprise to all Vivian supporters. He believes that the entire team has to step up together. In the beginning, Eisha Singh and he were close to each other however, fans are now feeling they’re lacking something.

The show is being produced by the auspices of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The first trailer of the show was released on October 11 The second trailer came out on October 30. After watching the trailer, one could imagine the characters Vivian as well as Isha would be main protagonists of the series.

This show replaces Barrister Baba. The show will air in November 15, 8:00 pm at Colors TV and the time slot for Balika Vadhu has been moved to 8:30 pm.

After a short hiatus and a short break, the renowned TV actor Vivian Dsena is returning to the small screen. Alongside his TV star, actress Eisha Singh will also be seen on “Ghar Wapsi” on Colors TV.

After having been away from our television screens for a brief period, Vivian Dsena is back with her latest show ‘Sirf Tumb’ which airs on Colors TV but some critics have compared the show to Shahid Kapoor’s “Kabir Singh’ (2019).

When speaking to Pinkvilla Dsena disapproves of the idea of a comparison, stating that it’s not the case.
“Look it’s inevitable that there are going to be a lot of comparisons to A, B, or C and whatever else you’re doing since in the final analysis, each story that’s published on any platform today is about just a few people. All stories have the same background, yet people think that it’s Kabir Singh since it’s a medical issue and the person appears angry.
But he’s definitely not Kabir Singh. He is from an medical school and has the qualities that make any great hero the present. However, his character (his Sirf Tum) Sirf Tum) is different. His approach to relationships is distinct, he holds an immense amount of respect for women , and is able to handle issues in a differently and in a more practical manner. The motives and results of his actions are 100% right.

Dsena will play the character of Ranveer Chopra He isn’t like any character which he’s performed in the past. In explaining why he chose to be a part of the show the ‘Shakti Astitva Ka Ehsaas Ki actor says “I believe the most significant factor that made me excited was that it’s from a college education background. Since I began my career at an extremely young age, I did not go to college , or any other college beyond the age of 10 plus two. Some people give me the impression that I completed some post-graduation, or some such thing but I began my career when I was 18. Therefore, I was not able to pursue anything.’
“So keeping this at heart, I decided to make something with an academic background, but mostly I was told that I would become an athlete. This is enough to get me excited about a new character. It’s something that’s on the level of medical school, and this is a path I’ve never considered previously,” he added.

Eisha Singh is also a part of the show as Suhani Chattopadhyay. She will also play Chopra’s love interest.

Serialized tale of Sirf Tum
The story was an inspiration for the blockbuster Bollywood film Kabir Singh. The story follows Suhani is a straightforward and sweet young woman who hopes to be an aspiring doctor in the future. Even though her strict parents and grandparents don’t want her to be a doctor, she is determined to pursue it.

Rhea is Suhani’s best-friend and is studying with Ranveer Oberoi at that same college. Ranveer however, is a very tough person who is averse to his family, with the exception of his deceased mother. The show is about the two of them getting together and falling in love. The show is available to watch every day , from Monday until Friday at 20:30.
Suhani attends a school that is attended by (her senior) as well as her friend Ria who has a crush on Vikrant. Rakesh Suhani’s father as well as Vikrant’s manager, pleaded with Ranveer to assume his obligation. He eventually agrees and is in love with Suhani.

Ansh the half-brother of Ranveer’s in college, who hates his father and continually attempts to take him down He discovers that there is a little bit of an attraction to Suhani So he decides to make her think he’s a killer for her.

Ria admits the love she has for Ranveer in front of his loved ones, but is shocked when he reveals the feelings he has for Suhani. Vikrant is determined to keep them from each other, but does not succeed when Ranveer discovers his plans.
The principal actors of Sirf Tum

Mamta as well as Vikrant’s son. Ansh’s half brother and adversary Samaira’s cousin Raghav and John’s girlfriend. (2021-present) Vivian Dsena as Ranveer Oberoi: Mamta and Vikrant’s son; Ansh’s half brother and antagonist; Samaira’s sister; Raghav and John’s friend.

Sudha as well as Rakesh’s daughter. sister Ishaana Nikki’s cousin close friend to Meeta and Riya Love interest of Ranveer (2021-present) Eisha Singh as Suhani Sharma: Sudha and Rakesh’s daughter as well as sister Ishaana Nikki’s cousin acquaintance of Meeta and Riya and Ranveer’s love interests (2021-present)

With Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh The first trailer made public on October 11, 2021.
On the 30th of October 2021, a new trailer was released, showcasing the characters and the date of release. The first episode, which substituted Balika Vadhu 2 was aired on November 15, 2021.