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Shagun Pandey and Ashi Singh will be seen in the lead role of the drama “Meet,” which premieres on the 23rd of August.

Zee TV has been a pioneer in the development of content for television over the past three decades. After introducing viewers to a variety of appealing characters that have been one of the top dinner companions across the country as well as their engaging stories and stories The channel is ready to premiere a brand new series that challenges gender stereotypes. The story will test viewers’ old-fashioned beliefs about what young women should and shouldn’t do. Zee TV’s new primetime drama “Meet,” will let viewers follow the exploits of a rebellious young lady born in Haryana, Meet Meet, who, in contrast to the common notion that only sons are Ghar Ka or chiraag is actually Ghar’s “ki” chiraag. Her family. She is not only the breadwinner but she is also challenging the social expectation that gender roles revolve around being the breadwinner, and being”the “fixer” in all situations that men are expected to be able to handle!

Meet Zee Tv Drama Serial
Meet Zee Tv Drama Serial

Production House Shashi Sumeet Productions

Shagun Pandey, and Ashi Singh have been the main stars of’Meet’ the main program that will premiere on 23rd August.
Recently, it was announced that the show will be starring well-known TV model Ashi Singh, who is the female lead on Meet. While the fans are eager to get to see Ash in a fresh style, there’s a more exciting announcement to announce to viewers. The actor who will take on the role of the male lead has been snatched and it’s none other than the beautiful actress Shagun Pandey. Also, it’s interesting that the name of his character is Meet as one of the characters in the show. Meet is a wealthy Haryanvi boy who isn’t overly strict with regards to gender roles and is comfortable working with women or even working at home. But, they believe that women must dress in the same way, and that the job of men is to manage the household. A man with the same moral values like his dad. Meet will strive to make his mark on the world, yet He retains his own methods of living life to the fullest.

In a discussion with his characters and the series, Shagun Pandey stated that “Meet is an excellently written concept that questions the gender role and challenge traditional stereotypes. The show is a one step towards positive direction. We believe that we’ll be able to alter the opinions of people about what is acceptable and unacceptable for women, and what they should and should not do. Nowadays, the majority of families see their sons to be ghar or Chiraga. Whatever the extent to which women have made progress in their achievements and achievements, patriarchy is instilled in the majority of us. It’s an honor to be a part of an event in which the concept of gender equality is embedded in such a manner.

Contrary to my personal views regarding the subject, it features one character with attitudes about gender roles as well as other norms in society. While she’s all for women in the workplace however, she believes that males should be the primary breadwinners. She believes that women should dress and dress in a specific manner… in order that that viewers are able to see me through an interesting mind-set progression chart. I hope that my followers and viewers will show the same devotion to me as they do with their love and kindness as always . I wish you and my team all the best for this new adventure.”

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Meet is an Hindi drama created by Kidney Indian Television on ZeeTV. The primary focus on the show is Ashi Singh Shagun Pandey Abha Parmar Vaishnavi Mahant Sharain Khanduja Aashutosh Semwal playing the lead role, as well as other actors who are supporting. The TV Diary is created by Shashi Sumeet Mittal.
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The series explores the tale of Meet a young, energetic female who hails from Haryana that is solely the breadwinner in the family. She also rebels against gender norms and roles, working as delivery driver.

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Meet Periodical will start airing on August 23, 2021. The show will run on Mondays and Fridays at 7:30 pm. The first promotional campaign for the diary was announced on July 19, 2021. The diary will be available online via Zee5. Zee5 platform.

Meet TV Periodical Cast and Locations
* Ashi Singh
* How do you get familiar with Honda
* Shagun Pandey
* As-Meet Ahlawat
* Abha Parmar
* As-Amma (Meet Honda’s Grandma)
* Vaishnavi Mahant
* A-Anubha Honda (Meet Honda’s Mom)
* Sharain Khanduja
* As-Manushri HondaAs-Manushri Honda Manu (Meet the Honda Family)
* Aashutosh Semwal
* Ahlawat’s As-Meet-Meet Friend
* Tamanna Jaiswal
* As-Isha Ahlawat
* Preeti Puri Choudhary
* As-Ragini Ahlawat
* Riyanka Chanda
* As-Sunaina
* Aditya Rao Nuniwall
* As-Hosiyaar
* Nisha Rawal
* As-Mansoom
* Sonic Hand
* As-Babita Ahlawat
* Makwana clan
* As-Duggu
* Afzal Khan
* As-Ram Ahlawat
* Pratham Kunwar
* As-Kunal
* Sooraj Thapar
* A-Rajvardhan Ahlawat (Meet Ahlawat’s Father)

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Meet Zee TV Serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:
Meet is another TV series available on Zee TV. It is the most up-to-date storyline on the channel.

The stunning actress Ashi Singh will play the lead role of Meet. He is returning following his most well-loved hit show Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.

The plot that will be told in Meet Meet series is based on the notion of male dominance within the society, and also on the patriarchal values that the community.

The trailer for Meet shows the scene from Jagrat where an elderly man calls an individual when power is cut off. Just like everybody else, we’re hoping for that a man will show up however, Meet is dressed as a model, and solves the problem . She is able to regain her energy.

Meet (Ashi Singh) is the beautiful character who solves the issue of power loss that astonishes everyone.
The date of the serial release (start date) hasn’t yet been publicized, however it is likely to happen the year 2021.
In this post, we’ll give you details about the cast and crew as well as the upcoming storyline, new gossip, spoilers of the new season , and the upcoming twists and turns for Meet. Learn more about the show.