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Imlie Leap, the actress Fakhmaan Khan-Sumbul-Tuluqeer’s with a fresh story about love and hate? Five new twists that will delight viewers

“The Imlie Leap: Fahmaan Khan-Sumbul Touqeer’s show will feature numerous twists and turns. The viewers can look forward to the best of Malini as well as Imlie. ASR wedding to Imlie looking to retaliate against Aryan Singh Rathore


Imlie Fans are following the earlier versions that features Fahmaan Khan, also known as Aryan Singh Rathore. He is also in his role as Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer). A new commercial depicts Imlie as well. Cheeni will expose the illegal ways of doing business that have been discovered within The Pagdandiya community. Pagdandiya. The show will run for five years, during which Imlie has announced her departure from Aryan Singh Rathore. Fans will be able to catch the show in which Imlie will insist on Rathore.

OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar.

Fans are divided over the new look. There is a chance that Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) being together with Fahmaan Khan who is frequently called Aryan Singh Rathore. Five possible twists viewers may be expecting for… Imlie and Aryan are thrilled they have Gudiya is joining their family. She will take care of Gudiya as if they were her own children. Imlie is knocked off the stairs and has an accident miscarriage. This causes her to be admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. The doctors do their best, but they’re not able to save the life of the child. Aryan Singh Rathore has been stunned.

The truth the fact that Aditya (Manasvi Vashisht) Malini’s daughter was the one to trigger this tragic incident on behalf of Aryan and Imlie is likely to cause the latter to feel feelings of anger. They’ll be suspicious. Aryan is likely to shift away from her emotionally. This could lead to separation.

Fans will meet two children belonging to the Rathore family. One of them is Gudiya Malini’s son. Malini. There’s no answer to what the kid’s birth name will be. There is a belief that Malini plans to marry ASR and have the same child. Malini wanted to take Imlie’s husband away from her in order to inflict the pain she endured.

The possibility is that Malini could to assume all the operation for Aryan Singh Rathore. ASR is now the puppet she is playing. We’re considering what happens if this happens because the fans hate it when they perceive ASR as the most stupid person.

Fans are also hoping to see a return Jyoti who is working to bring back Aryan along with Imlie. It is believed that she’ll be back as positive character. The fans have plenty to anticipate.

Aryan has a role featured in Pagdandiya; Cheeni gets kidnapped in the movie “Imlie”
Star Plus show ‘ Imlie” is growing more engaging with each episode. The current storyline of the show centers around the journey of Imlie toward Pagdandiya in her quest to find closure to the religious and social problems that the community is suffering. Imlie has been instrumental in saving Malini and Aditya’s son , and assists in dressing her in her fashion.

In the next episode, Imlie will release an interview with Binni who was married through pressure, however, her reputation has already been damaged by a suspect mining businessman who is a part of Malini as well as Bhaskar Times while Binni is innocent. Imlie will uncover the truth regarding Binni her husband who was from a city of prominence and was likely to be in a relationship with someone. Imlie is well-liked by many individuals, however Malini along with Bhaskar Times’ fake reports have been criticised. A lot of people go to Bhaskar Times to protest against similar reports. Malini calls Aryan. Aryan is confronted by the editor Imlie. Aryan decides to visit Pagdandiya for more details regarding the issue.

Cheeni accepts the chance to entertain and laugh with Aryan. Imlie discovers that it’s hilarious. The editor also states that the owner of Bhaskar Times Bhaskar Times is losing money due to their lack of accuracy in reporting. Imlie might be able to see glimpses of Aryan who heard about Bhaskar Times.

Malini does not apologize about the story she helped reporters in creating. Malini even praises the journalist who assisted her in the preparation and drafting.

Additionally, Aryan reaches Pagdandiya while Malini is able to rescue Girish and kidnaps Cheeni to take revenge on Imlie.

Imlie is the top show on the TRP chart and has been among the most watched shows on TV since it began broadcasting on TV screens. The show stars Sumbul Touqeer as well with Fahmaan Khan as the main characters. It has earned a tremendous popularity among the viewers and the fans are awed by the combination that is Imlie with Aryan. It is remake of Jalsha’s Bengali serial Ishti Kutum. In the latest episode, Imlie was seen in disguise as a brand new character called Kairi. Imlie was candid about the motives behind her different appearance and the character she plays.

Sumbul Touqeer took part in a brief live chat on Instagram live. She gave us interesting information from the show as well as her brand new character.

She shared the details of the procedure used in the development of Kairi the character she is today. The actress explained that she needed a full week to complete costumes for Kairi. She also revealed that the ideas for the many hairstyles and costumes all of it was the result of the tests.

The actress also discussed her struggles acting in the bunny tooth. Sumbul struggled to communicate her lines, and was alert of her limitations during the performance. But, the actors and crew were supportive and assisted her to play her part confidently. She expressed gratitude for their assistance.

In the following episode, Neela contacts Meethi inquiring about Kairi. The first episode, Meethi talks about the fruit, but she later discovers the old trick used by Imlie and assists in preventing Imlie from being caught in trouble. She contacts Imlie to inform her of the Kaira skit and Imlie shares with her the entire story of Jyoti and her tricks. Meethi is amazed by Imlie and is inspired by Imlie to keep going.

Presently, Imlie has put a stop to an act of forcing marriage that was being practiced in Pagdandiya and protects her from being abused. In the end, Malini decides to destroy the good things regarding Pagdandiya in order to bring shame to the entire community as she has removed her father and husband from her. Imlie informs Cheeni she would like to shake off the beliefs of those who are believed to be superstitious and bring joy to the people. Was happens in the event that Imlie and Malini hold a meeting?

Swapnil is provided by Malini with details about Pagdandiya and she publishes the report due to it portraying negative images of the Pagdandiya population as undesirable. After that, Swapnil shows up to notify Malini that the report isn’t true, but Malini can’t alter the facts and warns Swapnil that he could be dismissed if the report be not abided by Malini’s directives. The issue is that Aryan is still in the Imlie’s mind , but he is unable to absorb the facts. Malini comes home and informs Aryan that they’ve published an article on Pagdandiya’s horrific tactics. Aryan isn’t likely to care about the story and doesn’t pay any attention.