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Anupama Updated in Writing on May 20th, 2010. Anupama and Anuj swear to respect one for their wedding ceremony. Vanraj is also a part of the wedding celebrations

Anupama Update on the version written by: Vanraj joins ex-wife Anupama’s wedding to Anuj as surprise gesture. The bride and groom vow that they will honor each as they vow to get married.


The story revolves around reverence and affection in the newest episode of the series Anupama. It’s the perfect time for MaAn’s wedding celebrations, and MaAn’s wedding bride Anupama ( Rupali Ganguly) is given the most unforgettable time in the rest of her lifeAn appearance by her ex-husband Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey). It’s not just Anupama but the other guests are equally amazed by the act of Vanraj. The stereotypes are broken , and there’s plenty of dama at the wedding ceremony of the couple that is in the spotlight. Read the whole article to find out more.

Vanraj congratulates Anupama

In the next moment, Anuj and Anupama exchange garlands. The celebration continues. Anupama and Anuj make wedding vows. Everyone is stunned to learn that there’s not a long list of vows each of them share for the other. They only have one thing they’d like to show to each other the respect they deserve. Anuj and Anupama promise to always respect their relationship and will show mutual respect for their choices to make, their choices and their goals and every other thing else. Hasmukh declares their love and maturity.

However, Meenu reminds everyone that the wedding wasn’t perfect since there is no one present at the wedding ceremony. We are surprised that this request is granted when Vanraj is the only one to surprise everyone by participating in the celebrations. Anupama gets a bit worried about the motives behind Vanraj but she quickly realizes there’s nothing nefarious behind the gesture of Vanraj. Vanraj is a happy birthday wish to Anupama as well as Anuj to be happy on the day of their wedding. The Shah family, as well as their fans are overwhelmed by the sight of all members of the family gathered to celebrate the wedding.

Anupama’s ‘Kanyadaan’

After after the Varmala it’s time for “pheras’. Anuj and Anupama are on their way to the Mandap, however, Pakhi and the kids do the mistake initially, only to realize that the Mandap is in a state of chaos. Weddings can’t be perfect without obstacles and how can this extravagant wedding go without none of the bumps?

mishaps. Pakhi, Samar, and Toshu swiftly arrange their wedding before anyone will notice. When Anupama arrives at the wedding, she’s awestruck by the gorgeous decor and her children take a sigh of relief as the wedding of their mother continues to run without a hitch.

The next thing we’ll witness what is perhaps the biggest part of the wedding “Kanyadaan”. Hasmukh and Leela are awestruck when they perform the ceremony. In this emotional sequence , children add their personal twist. They introduce a brand new custom called “Mummy-daan”. They put their mother’s hand in that of Anuj and then ask him to make him

He will make sure that their mother is looked after. The wedding is full of many emotional moments. Even one of the bridesmaids Rakhi Dave is weeping. Following the ‘kanyadaan’ wedding ceremony the other wedding ceremonies are performed. After the ‘pheras’ ceremony is done, Anuj and Anupama’s wedding has come to an end. It is now time for Anupama to start her new life with happiness and the love of her family and friends.

In the next episode, Anupama will bid adieu to the Shah family and will depart with the love that he has experienced throughout his lifetime. Vanraj will also say goodbye to his former wife, and will be welcoming Anuj back to his family. Keep up with HT highlights for the most up-to-date news.

Anupamaa (Star Plus) TV Serial Cast, Actors, Real Name, Story, Wiki & More

Anupamaa’s Gaurav Khanna discusses his upcoming in conversation with Anuj Kapadia, who is on show “I was aware that the character was going to be a part of my life.” …’
Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s explosive chemistry on Anupamaa is causing ripples in the hearts. They have created a special space in the hearts of viewers through Anupamaa and Anuj. Gaurav’s presence on the show is a total joy for the viewers. The beautiful relationship that Anupamaa has with Anuj has become the motivational source for many.

Who wouldn’t love a partner in life as Anuj Kapadia? He’s the perfect partner and Gaurav is a perfect candidate for the role. However, in recent years we’ve seen some scenes hinting that Anuj’s departure is imminent. There was reports that Gaurav is set to leave the show. Fans were disappointed to hear that Anuj isn’t joining Anupamaa.

The promo for the show went popular. We watch Anuj being in a coma. Anupamaa fighting The Kapadias along with the Shahs in their own. Gaurav Khanna has been speaking about Anuj’s future with Anupamaa.

A chat was conducted with ETimes during the course of an interview. ETimes and there was a question about the possibility of his leaving in the program. He said, “I will just say that I am completely dedicated to Anupamaa which is why I’m full faith in Rajan Shahi’s portrayal of Anuj. I am totally committed towards this program.”

The actor also voiced his disappointment about the fact that he received lesser screen time in the show. Gaurav said, “When the character was shown to my sake, I knew that the persona was not like the characters that viewers had seen on TV previously. This is the reason this character Anuj Kapadia is so loved by the masses.”

He also shared his thoughts about whether the lack of screens was actually a challenge to the actors. He stated that he’s been working for a long time, and this show is different and he’s happy to play a part on the show. He believes that one time in their life, actors have the opportunity to play the iconic role of a legend in television , and he’s grateful for the opportunity.

Anuj Kapadia is in a the coma. Fans react to the most recent promo by Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa
Rupali Ganguly, as well as Gaurav Khanna’s TV show Anupamaa is gaining fans’ attention. But, the coming trailer for the film will leave viewers awestruck.

Rupali Ganguly Gaurav Khanna Madalsa Sharma and Sudhanshu Pandey’s Anupamaa’s storyline been a hit with everyone. We’ve all watched the storyline that follows the lives of Anuj’s son Ankush and his wife, Barkha. Her brother Adhik is also portrayed. They conceal their loss of all their earnings and business in America. US as well as looking to take over Anuj’s business.

However, they’re not satisfied about the truth that Anuj has handed over his entire assets to Anupamaa. To get the inheritance that they wanted, Adhik took the initiative to capture the child of Anupamaa Pakhi. In the latest episode, we learnt that Adhik and Barkha have made Pakhi to think that anupamaa does not love her.

They’ve tried to entrap Pakhi and then forcibly make her fight Anupamaa. Pakhi is uncompromising about Anupamaa’s conduct and claims to be the most brutal mother. In two episodes we’ve seen scenes that indicate that Anuj’s demise is imminent.

There was an announcement that Gaurav has left the show. Fans were disappointed by the news that Anuj would not appear on the show Anupamaa. Finally there is a commercial that will reveal the future of Anupamaa and Anuj.

In the commercial commercial, we see Anupamaa discuss how people we love cause harm to us only to then backstab us. We also witness Barkha and Ankush telling Anupamaa that just like she was the captive of Anuj because of her affection her daughter Pakhi did the exact similar thing to Adhik.

In the next episode Vanraj appears to say that the family members of Anuj have revealed the true state of Anupamaa. Anupamaa is later seen lying on the hospital bed. Choti Anu is there and inquires Anupamaa to confirm if she believes that her father will never be awake. Anupamaa informs Anuj that she and Choti Anu wait for the man.

Anuj has a disability, and Anupama decides that she can help him get up again. Check out the trailer